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Issue 2 - Page 17

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I know if I was faced with the possibility of becoming an ultra-powerful mage, I'd be more than a little anxious.

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I love seeing the in-progress sketches - their expressions are perfect
Thank you! :D
Who wouldn't want to become a super mage? Then again I'm starting to notice in the fictional world or the real world, power comes with a price.
Jenora Feuer
True. In many fictional worlds, and at least somewhat implied in this one, greater amounts of magical power involve greater levels of BECOMING the power, and potentially reduced levels of free will along with that. To a large extent, it's likely that an Aspect MUST act in accordance with what they are an aspect of. Of course, being an Aspect of Humanity, as it were, may twist the rules a bit on that...
One wrong move and you've set all your buddies on fire. Kind of ruins the friendship vibe.
Love Moraine's pose in panel 3, particularly the crossed feet.
Thanks. I'm happy with how that pose turned out as well. :D
The fact that she's worried about that is proof that she's a better steward of that power than someone who wants that power.
Too true.
Panel one is both expressive and beautiful. Well done.
Thank you!
I got a nice little gut-reaction out of this page: an immediate agreement with Moraine that good intentions aren't enough to keep from killing someone else. Then I considered this page several times and considered that the poses, expressions and POV totally involved and carried me from the top of this page to the bottom dilemma. The artwork rocks and storytelling sings; whoohoo!
Thanks so much! *blush*
Well I can agree with everyone that the art, as always, is top notch. I think the writing is taking center for now. As for Moraine's dillema, I can only say I understand and, if you'll forgive the coarse language, that the road to hell is almost always paved with good intentions. I know it hasn't come up much but there is a danger to the prospective aspect as well I believe.
Thank you! I'm happy the writing is holding up as well. Oh yes, there is. Becoming an aspect can be dangerous for everyone around her, not just Moraine herself.
I can see Allen as a mentor figure to Moraine. He has an understanding of of "presence of mind".
He's got a good, patient head on his shoulders.