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Issue 2 - Page 12

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

I spent Wednesday building the Issue 22 cbz and the Art of... booklet. I hoped getting those out alongside the final page of Issue 22 would make them more noticeable. As a result of all that work, this page was started late.

I'll have the final version up by this evening. DONE. Thanks guys!

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Hee hee... 'rankles.' On a more serious note, I expect Puck would merely become Loki should he gain enough power to become an aspect. Power hungry and decietful.
I don't think so. Puck has always been depicted as more of a benign prankster. Loki was generally more malicious in his japes. If Puck did something truly mean spirited, it was usually because you'd done something to earn his ire.
It's such a fun word... rankles. :D
Yes that is more in line with the puck I remember reading by mythology. Heck even gargoyles he was true the letter of his word though his pranks were often less than funny to other people. Like how he granted the DeMona the ability to walk around sunlight by turning her into the one thing she Detested it more than anything else a human after she ticked him off.
Well, that's what happens when you bind fae in iron like Demona did. She's lucky it wasn't worse!
Actually, the funny thing was that Puck didn't even intend to punish her at all until she insisted on being churlish at the end. He was actually smiling at the end of the night; he'd had a lot of fun. It wasn't until she rudely told him to leave that he got annoyed and cursed her.
I think she got of as lightly as she did because puck had fun
Puck always had fun, even as Owen. But he could have been a lot crueler. Like made her fully and permanently human.
Yeah that would have been crul. Still as a were human she experience the pain of changing every time the Sun rose or set well I don't think she had pain when the Sun rose but when the Sun set and she resumed her natural form yeah that was painful, so painful in the evening when she and McBeath were close to each other and she transformed he could feel it.
Getting a real Art Nouveau vibe off this page. May be something to do with the parchment background or the layout, but it reminds me of Mucha.
I love Mucha! His work was so awesome. I wish I could draw hair like him.
Maybe I'm just remembering things wrong, but it seems like everybody knows about Puck's plans! I don't know whether to be terrified at the thought that Summer knows and doesn't care because she thinks she has everything under control (and maybe she does,) or that Puck is bold enough to go right ahead with his plans while knowing that people know about them. Jeez. Either way it's awesome.
They're all playing Xanatos Speed Chess. It's just a question of who's the better Chessmaster.
*evil grin* A little of column A, a little of column B.
And all of Column C! If he's in the mood to help you dude, you ain't never had a friend like he!
As always, Darc just stunningly beautiful. It is always a pleasure to see the Twitter update and I get to open up a new page! I think Puck has never made a secret of his desires. It is Summer's job to ensure he doesn't become powerful enough to destroy her body. Of course knowing what his desires are and knowing his plans are two different things. Puck has been very secret when he tricked Max into coming into the fae realm. Of course the Queens eventually found out and Puck didn't deny anything. I get the feeling that this type of behaviour is normal and maybe even expected in the fae realm. Some Fae's are always trying to garner more power, if they didn't they wouldn't be Faes and a Fae in the position of Puck, I think would be expected to try for more power.
Thanks! Oh yeah, it benefits Puck to have people know what he's up to. He has is reasons. :D
Love the artwork. Unlike Lemurvid, I get more of a Celtic vibe from it than an Art Nouveau vibe. I get the impression that Puck would back stab anyone if it served his interests. Puck is a free spirit with too much ambition (or fear of "losing Himself") and too little sense of responsibility. Summer assumes she is safe because of Puck's loathing of losing himself. He will do anything to keep that from happening. If Puck does manage to found his own court, that would still leave Summer off the hook because he would be out of her chain of command, so to speak, and therefore no competition for her. Winter does not trust Puck on general principles and Jack Frost hates Puck because Puck lacks the character traits Jack reveres. The fly (or maybe we can upgrade it to goliath beetle) in the ointment is that Puck likes mortals. Don't get me wrong, mortals can't trust Mr. P to come through for them any more than anyone else can.(See: ) He is too full of himself to do anything in any way except his own way. If he ever becomes the King of the Fey Who Find Joy Buzzers and Whoopie Cushions Great Stuff, his sympathies for mortals could upset the balance (or lack thereof) the other Fey courts count on to obtain mortals for the tithing to Hell. At least that is how I see it. I could be wrong about this.
Thank you! Oh Puck... there's so much about him and his motives. It's hard to figure how to get it all in the comic and not give too much away too soon. So tempting. :D
So Puck would be Court of Mischief, I'm guessing?
Likely that or trickery.
The oldest legends have Puck as a landwight of England. Tied to the land, unable to ever leave it, lest he perish. Other Fae may flit about, but he is the "Oldest of the Old", and will stand as long as there is a tree left in England
Didn't that first appear in book '' Puck of Pook's Hill'' by Rudyard Kipling, in 1906?
I really like faces here ( though for some reason, unfinished page with all of them brown-yellow was nicer to me). I'm just imagining how Summer spends her time, with Puck planning to break free and she being all ''nah''. Here is something interesting-bound by Courts to serve? I thought fey don't have to be part of courts?