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Issue 2 - Page 10

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Here's the first of this week's two AYAD pages. The Fey use an older definition of fool - someone who not only entertains, but also advises and defends.

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Comments [9]:

Jester, more to the job than ya thunk.
Ah, the tasks assigned to the court jester. Funny thing is they were supposed to speak to their rulers as plain as possible to help them see if their plans were completely bonkers.
It seems that neither one of them were considering that language shifts that occur over multiple mortal lifespans
Yes Jack, all this is true, but that's not ALL he is to the queen...
That's actually a really calm reaction to Spooky's response there. Good for Jack recognizing it was just a language shift problem. Or however you want to phrase it; no offense is meant on either side.
That is a rather insightful view of the job. Well done Jack.
Iron Ed
Is Jack going to turn out to be (somewhat of) a "good guy"? To someone other than his queen?? :-)
Y'know, for some reason Jack fails to impress me with his jesting skills.
You know, I adored Jack's design and all that when you first introduced him. This page? This could fill BOOKS!