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Issue 2 - Page 05

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Hey! I was finally able to use the reference photos Matt and I took of Kent Falls over the winter. Man, was that a cold day! *laughs*

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Comments [8]:

whoa... this is GORGEOUS!
Thank you! I feel the setting helps make the world seem more real and tangible. So creating establishing shots like this seems like the thing to do sometimes.
Petrov Neutrino
That is a wonderful spread! Yes, that does look cold, but beautiful too!
Thanks! Oh man, I still remember falling off the trail and ending up knee deep in snow trying to get to the Falls for the reference shots. :D So cold!
Right, I remember you talking about that some time ago. That's some serious dedication! Amazing to see the final result.
Wow! What a gorgeous color spread. Brrrr!
It is great that you can take a real world picture and incorporate it into the world of Codename: Hunter. Reality inspired for sure. As always, Darc your backgrounds are just awe inspiring. Too bad there aren't more comic artists that take this time to do the amazing detailed work you do.
Oh, man. I can feel the cold winter morning coming through this page. It's gorgeous! You got the lighting down perfect!