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Issue 2 - Page 02

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Moraine don't give two figs about propriety. She has a letter, damn it!

The headache I woke with yesterday turned into a migraine. As a result, I'm running behind. Please excuse the rough sketch. I'll have the finished page up for you over the weekend. Thanks guys.

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Page looks good so far,
Darc, The rough sketch looks 1,000 times better than some cartoonists' "finished" pages. Take your time and keep yourself healthy. That is all your fans, and Matt, ask. :=3 BTW, I love the look of sudden realization it is not Emily on Robert's face in the third panel. :=3
Seconded! Your sketches are pretty darn good!
I get migraines as well. You have my sympathy, and my total understanding. Also, nice little touch with his little 'dream'
Excited Moraine cares not for propriety when the letter she has is just as much of a social breach. (any penalties for this would be borne by Allen, of course). Darc, migraine, eh? Woot! ;-) Nah, seriously, I get 'em and only locking myself in a dark, quiet room works... good luck with yours. 'Rough' sketch looks cool.
A dark, quiet room works for me, but only if I don't move. Different strokes for different folks. Do what feels best (with regard to overcoming your migraine, of course).
You know, I appreciate a chance to look at a so called 'rough sketch' like this. Im sure the finished piece will look as effortlessly flawless as is your standard.
Dan Davis
Nothing to excuse take care of yourself. Mr Allen is being a very proper servant worried about how things look
choo choo george
Oh Darc, quit making excuses for your schedule, we all understand things happen. Take care of yourself first, we can wait
loved the rough sketch you posted earlier. as other people said in the comments. your fans will wait however long you want us too. the art and the story are too good for us to abandon you over the occasional late post. the finished page wow one of the best IMO. love panel 6.
Allen: "But, Miss! What if people start talking? You'd never be able to show your face in public again!" Moraine: "Don't care! I have a letter!"
Is it me or does she look slightly crazed.
She's got a letter!
I got a jar of dirt ( runs around ship)