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Issue 1 - Page 24

As I mentioned earlier the TOS has been flaring up these last few weeks. Unfortunately this slows my drawing/coloring down by quite a bit. I'll have the finished version of this page, as well as this week's CN:H, up as soon as I can. ALL DONE! I apologize for the delay.

This is also the last page of the first AYAD issue. I should have the full CBZ available for download with next week's update. Thanks for reading, guys!

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Iron Ed
You don't have to -thank- us for reading; we love it! ...and you for creating it for us! Well; you're a sweetheart regardless, but we really do thank -you- for CN:H! ---As sad as they are, I really, really like those last two panels!
I'll add my two bits of agreement here as Iron Ed has said it so well. Thanks for all the hard work you put in Darc. Also I see the last panel as a sad positive moment as well underneath the sadness of the Princess... at least she has found two people who now know her secret and who have shown they will stand with her regardless.
Thank you! Yeah a lot of AYAD is meant to be Moraine establishing connections with others. I'm a sucker for slower, character heavy stories, so I'm indulging myself. I figure if it's not appealing to some folks they can still read CN:H without needing to read AYAD. :D
Thanks! I hate this whole having to work slow bit. It's frustrating. There's so much to get done and everything's moving like molasses. *gag*
Lovely page, and I'm sure it will soon be even lovelier.
Thanks! Hopefully it turned out well with the shading. I need to get me some robot monkeys to do the grunt work for me. :D
I think the thanks are due to the creator, rather than the captive audience!
Thanks for reading! Knowing folks enjoy what you do is a big encouragement to keep going. :D
choo choo george
I agree with everyone, we especially me thank you so much for this really terrific comic, hell, story!!!
Thanks! I keep hoping we can increase the updates somehow. I miss the more rapid schedule. But I'm not capable of that yet. One day...
well this is certainly a touching scene. I can't help but wonder what kind of treaty Her Majesty is going to work out with the Queens of the fae
We'll have to wait and see. ;D
Hug her, Allen! Hug her, dammit! Because... this is beautiful. Thank you so much for this comic, and everything you do, because I can never get enough!
Moraine, queen of the unexpected hug! Thank you!
Carl Foxmarten
Out of curiosity, is there an RSS feed for this strip?
Why yes! Comic feeds can be found at:

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