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Issue 1 - Page 22

We're winding down this issue. Just a few more pages to go. Work on this will continue tomorrow and the shaded version should be up by Friday evening. I apologize for the delay. Thanks guys!

All done! Sorry for the delay. I got a little carried away trying to work out how to color a dimly lit area. Still, I had fun. Hopefully it turned out well.

Comments [19]:

Wonder if that's Emily. This could be the beginning of their relationship.
Judging by the tail, I'd say that's Mori. Emily's tail is thicker and striped.
But the spacing of the doors suggests servants quarters.
*hands you a cookie*
Honestly, this page looks pretty good as-is... even lacking the shading, it's amazing.
Moraine (a.k.a. the Queen) would not be seen in the servants' hallway wearing a night dress. Given the ethereal appearance, I suspect she is a spirit of some sort.
Even if it's the door that Greer came out of to warn Moraine about what had happened to Hunter?
It's nice when a comic drops the pace down for some atmosphere. It's what you'd do in a film after all. And it still manages sort of a cliff hanger, albeit a very quiet one.
Maybe Mori come for some 'girl talk' with Emily and the beginning of their close relationship? I also thought possible spirit or ghost, but the architectural details aren't visible through her..., and Mori doesn't seem to be stereotypical royalty.
The only thing is, given the era, would male and female servants be housed in the same hallway?
Frith Ra
Depending upon the house & the accommodations provided for servants when the place was built. A large enough manor, like say Buckingham Palace, might have an entire section of the house, usually below stairs, for the servants with strict gender separation. A smaller manor probably relied on door locks. Some of the lower level, usually male, servants were expected to sleep in the hallways of their wing.
Could it be the door that they came out of? If that is the door that is a portal to the Fey lands Moraine could conceivable be in the servants' hallway.
Wow! The shading makes all the difference. Now we can see that she's got a torch we know that she's looking for somewhere in an area she's not familiar with. Also, it just looks fabulous. I love the light room the window streaming down the stairs.
So I looked over this page several times after you completed it, and finally noticed the dust settling as Allen is walking through the manor. Excellent attention to detail, Darc. 10/10
Petrov Neutrino
Note to self: Do not startle the Young Miss while she is sneaking again. Odds are, you will have either a torch or magic thrown at you. She has good aim!
Or that is perhaps the room issued to Spooky.
How does one submit fan art to the site? and how do you, and a few other people, run so many comics at once? xD
We love getting art from others! Just send us an email! Our address is: The answer to your second question is a closely held secret. So closely held that we don't even know it.
Frith Ra
I find that when I'm trying to provide a dark shaded, by gum it's night, type scene that a wash of a cool color with about 50-60% transparency does wonders. But it looks as though you've figured that out.