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Issue 1 - Page 21

Yep, another Pyrenees. They're everywhere. Ivan Pyrenees - stage name Pyrenov - is five foot ten, broad shouldered, can easily lift me over his head, and is involved with the Ballet Rambert. He's also a swell guy.

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Well, we see that Allen has got these two properly pegged... and he keeping the rules simple for those who aren't keeping up. He also reminds them that their behaviour not only reflects on themselves but also those responsible for them... and then a parting shot to highlight that this is not just professional but personal for him as much as for them. We see yet another reason the man has attained the position he holds.
Yep, Allan's got skills
Allen's rapidly becoming one of my favourite characters. That look in the last panel! Even when he gets it wrong his heart's always in the right place. And it's absolutely correct, the well being of the male staff would have been his responsibility.
I. Love. Allen. I can't get over how damned amazing he is! He's gotta be my favorite character in this entire comic. And I count the main CN:H comic in that too.
Mr. Allen is a pretty amazing guy, but I am still madly in lust with Ruby!
I don't know why, but the first panel reminds me of Phoenix Wright for some reason. What makes this even stranger is, I have never played one of the Ace Attorney games. Also- Just went through the entirety of the archive for this and the main series and it feels great finally being able to comment! Love the series very much, it is amazing how much the art has improved since the beginning. The writing is wonderful and the story itself extremely entertaining. Keep up the great work!