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Issue 1 - Page 20

Allen has standards for his life. After all, no one likes a blackmailer.

Shading will be up later in the day. Thanks guys!

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You can see the distaste he has for that... very much beneath his dignity.
You can very much see the distaste he has for that... very literally beneath his dignity.
Petrov Neutrino
Allen is really showing his character here. Interesting that he hints at a bit of a past as well. Very nice details with Ben's expressions and the exterior glass work. Thanks!
Methinks Ben may have had some experience in that regard before. Allen's being a real mensch here, isn't he? Good for him. Also, 'pin neat', love it.
Allen's management skills.
Foxx Trotter
You left out an "L" in All on the last bubble. Al would be happy if you made the correction. ;0P Everything else is good.
Thank you. We've asked this before, and again in the future, please EMAIL us when you spot a problem, do not use the comments.
Okaay... where should we address such pointers?
There is an email link at the top of every page labeled "Mail"
Fixed. Though now I have Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" stuck in my head.
There are songs a lot worse than that to get suck in ones head
Yes. The theme song from the American sitcom "One Day at a Time," for example. Oy.
I find myself wishing supervisors I've had through the years could take a few pages from Allen's playbook.
Hah! I knew it!
Looks even better with the shading up :)
While Ben may have a reason behind his immediate accusation, it is attitudes like that that have at times made me wish I was a little more devious and ready to reward impolite responses to kindly meant overtures like this. Having to deal with younger staff who feel that everytime someone mentions 'one condition' it is because everyone is against them makes my teeth itch. *steps down from soapbox*
choo choo george
Aww, Darc, that last panel looking through the window with rain outside, is just so perfect, it gives the scene such a mysterious look, there's a term for this type of scene, but I forgot what's it called. It's what makes CN:H so wonderfully terrific, a real eye candy of a comic.