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Issue 1 - Page 19

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I'm taking Friday away from the computer to give my wrist a bit of a rest. I'll return Saturday to finish up the shading on this week's CN:H page. Thanks guys!

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Eh... this isnt THAT kind of comic, is it?
Eh... this isnt THAT kind of comic, is it?
Bad joke, sorry.
Allen looks so cool in that first panel. Firm but fair.
Petrov Neutrino
My sponsorship - cool! Thank you for all of the work that you put into both series. They look fantastic, and the world you and Matt have created is really wonderful! I was glad to be able to help support them and sponsor a page. Thanks again!
One wonders what ground work Allen is setting down.
There's ALWAYS a condition. Hehehe. Glad to see Allen treating the boys fairly. I hope the boys realize how much they are benefiting from his fairness.
That blush in the bottom right is sooooo cuuuuuute~
My guess on this one...the best person to keep a secret is someone with secrets of their own. Aside from the obvious condition of un-occupying certain rooms, Allen may have just found his first candidates on who would be able to work with Mori and keep her secrets well.
Chakat Firepaw
Someone with a secret that could send them to jail, (or worse), is a security risk: They are vulnerable to blackmail.
True as this is, they already have someone who has them over a barrel and already knows. Technically this is blackmail on the part of Allen. They just happen to be lucky enough to have a boss who has the whopper of all secrets as far as the public is concerned.
Exception - if your employer knows about the secret. Can still cause social turmoil though. Depends on what the secret is I suppose, and what the society is. In parts of India "I enjoy hamburgers" could be a serious problem.
Hah! Called it~