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Issue 1 - Page 18

I'd say James is at a disadvantage size-wise when it comes to tackling Allen, but after living with a corgi for the last six-plus years, I know they're tenacious little buggers. They possess an amazing ability to trip those taller than them.

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George S. Cole
Corgi-fu: the secret martial art of rolls, trips, and falls.
The last panel needs to be photoshopped. We need some badass glasses on that face, PRONTO
Second on that. -grin-
Ah right, a workplace relationship. Should have spotted that on the last page. That was never going to be secret for long, was it boys? Also, Jim's line is priceless.
Petrov Neutrino
Corgi-fu (continued): Not only to trip, but to slam doors on, stomp on, get in the way of, and otherwise cause mayhem. All done with an innocent smile and happy attitude. --- A relationship at work is bad enough, but for 1948 this one is dangerous. Jim and Ben need to be a lot more careful. It will be interesting to see how Robert handles this.
Mr. Allen is ex-British special forces. If the two lads were to try anything rash, I'm sure they'd quickly realize that old age, experience and cunning beats youthful exuberance EVERY time. ;)
A bit more experience and the boys would know to avoid comments like that and act like they barely know one another. Innocence is your first defense. :P Also cat-fu beats corgi-fu anytime. No animal can trip as well as a cat.
Well, Allen had said last page that they weren't exactly discreet.
My hunch says that they're going to get a dressing down, but that he still trusts and respects them. He just doesn't want to see them failing in their duties and to be a little more discreet about the whole thing.
I think Mr. Allen is going to be giving the boys a bit more than a "dressing down". With the additional responsibilities that he will assume, I thinks he is going to start training these boys as his replacements for some of the duties he had.
Nice page.. AS to comments about what Mr Allen is remember AYAD is at least 50yrs before the current storyline