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Issue 1 - Page 17

Remember, AYAD takes place in the late 1940s, not the 2010s...

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Even without the aide memoire below the page, it comes through...
I'm glad. I just know sometimes folks need a little reminder.
Frankly, I think Allen's being a remarkably fair and understanding boss here. He's spot on with his analysis and concerns. We're talking prison here, after all. Of course, it's a standing joke now in the UK that Prince Charles entire staff is gay. Not entirely true, of course.
Allen doesn't care what James gets up to on his off-hours, so long as it doesn't interfere with his ability to perform his job well. Giving James a reminder to be careful seems like something Allen would do.
Not sure the year matters in this case beyond the fact the tabloids would eat it up and rush to press with the story
Actually yeah, it does. The laws were different back then. As Lemurvid said, being found out could lead to a prison sentence.
"We'd have to go self-service." -- The Queen Mum
Poor bobble-headed corgi intern.
Jeez, he's a Corgi! Why didn't I spot that? Nice one Darc.
Allen is stepping into a role of authority with purposes.
Allen makes me so damn proud. And poor James... guy needs a hug!