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Uh oh...

UPDATE: There will be no CN:H or AYAD pages the week of Feb 9 - Feb 14. I've twisted my knee somehow and can't sit or stand still long without feeling like someone's jamming a knife under it. So I'll be taking this week to get the swelling down and hopefully, in a day or two, get back to pages and commissions. I apologize for the delay.

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Allen's face in the last panel. That face. I know that face. That's the face I made when I showed up to work and my manager informed me that I had made an error that resulted in a 15L engine blowing up and that he would like a word with me about it.
Oh god. That feeling must have been AWFUL.
Ouch! Damn! that's so not a good feeling.
Very nice interesting page
I love the wealth of expressions you draw on all the characters-- but especially Mori. This page especially has her looking both so vulnerable and so thoroughly intelligent. She's got so much depth to her! It's fantastic!
Thank you! I've been trying to work on my expressions more lately.
I wonder if his military training has him thinking that he is now considered "expendable". "Sadly, you know too much, and now you must disappear." :)
Could also be a case of realising that just when he had had his 'wish' granted for a more 'excitement filled' life and then found that 'monotonous' may have been the better option, he may no longer have a choice in the matter....
A good butler should know how to mind his own business. A superb butler knows more than he should and still minds his own business. Some things that are always forbidden are sometimes mandatory.
And since you are now privy to state secrets, I have no choice... You are hereby drafted into RCSI, not as a field agent, but as my adjunct.
Her Highness shows us a glimpse of the depths of character that she possess. I am not one for kings and queens, but she is a leader I would follow.
choo choo george
Yes, Darc really knows how to show facial expressions, every panel in every episode is like looking at a real life movie still frame, just one of the reasons I enjoy CN:H so much.
Amazing as always. Grammar question... "beginning preparing for" or "begin preparing for" ?
D'oh! All fixed. Thanks for letting me know! :D
Ouch on the knee!! I'm going to be 48 this year and I'm constantly amazed how easy it seems to injure myself and even more amazing is how much longer it takes to heal, especially with things like diabetes. Still, we have our overall health so get yourself better and see you back next week. Love Mori, her expressions and layers. She is more than an onion. She is an onion within an onion! :) :)
Take care of yourself and take as much of a break as you need. We will wait. Hope the wrists are holding out ok too.