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Issue 1 - Page 12

Not much to report this week. Just sitting here waiting out the snowstorm, wondering if Holly's first treatment appointment will be pushed back, and looking forward to working on next week's page.

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Oh great page poor princess a sacrifice she can never repay or wants too
Thanks. Yeah, Moraine's not having the best of times right now. :(
Frankly, I'm surprised Allen and Emily don't feel worse. On the whole, everyone came out of this in better shape that they had any right to, thanks mainly to Spooky. I think that's partly what's hurting Moraine, the thought of what she might have done to them.
True. Coming to terms with what she could possibly do to folks is not an easy feat. I know it'd freak me out.
...okay, I gotta say it. This entire arc, the emotion shown with her ears...I'd be giving her a hug if I didn't get tackled by her guards first
Seconded here.
Motion carried.
I'd hug Allen too. Emily as well, but she seems content to sleep things off at the moment.
Your really lovely range and depth of emotion converts this monologue page into something way more. And your art is top notch as always. Pleasure to read
Thank you! *blush*
Iron Ed
I particularly like that first panel; both Mori's posture/pose and expression, and the background.
Thanks. When there's a lot of words to work around, I usually have a tricky time figuring what to do about the art. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's a little lacking. :D