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Issue 1 - Page 10

Healing ability with magic seems to come naturally to Moraine.

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Had to actually look up what "Batman" meant. Interesting position.
It did sound interesting. Likely much safer as well.
Damn, wrong Batman.
Getting the Bat-cowl over those ears would be a bit difficult...
There is a HUGE difference between the phrases "I'm Batman" and "I'm a Batman". Not sure if I can justify capital letter on second form.
Yep, it's the military version of a Gentleman's Valet. They still had military training though, as they may well have been in positions when they'd have to fight.
Too true.
Petrov Neutrino
It is nice to see Allen smile like that. He looks so much younger in that last panel. -heh- "...finding himself in awkward situations." Sounds like the perfect employment history for working in the palace! Moraine is a natural healer; probably an extension of her personality, especially with those closest to her.
Allen needs to grin more. We've only seen him worried and uneasy so far. Once he calms down we should start seeing more sides to his personality.
Iron Ed
Absolutely love Moraine's face in her last three panels!!! Sixth panel makes me think Moraine is trying to make Alan feel better by making him think she feels bad about scaring him. ;-) Healing magic? Could strength in that be kind of a 'female tendency'? Would come in handy for mothers with young pups! :-)
Thanks! As far as RCSI can tell, healing magic isn't more apparent in one gender over another. It seems to rely more on one's personality and desires. Folks who genuinely like people and want to help them tend to have a stronger ability with healing.
There's no way to review the old archives right now is there? Say, Issue 19, page 14.
No, we lock down comments after a week due to the large number of spammers that try and flood the older pages with comment advertisements and other fluff.