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Issue 1 - Page 09

The arm's getting better. It looks like we're at about a day and a half to finish a page at the moment, versus the three per page a bit ago. I should be back to regular speed by next week. Now just to get the insurance company to cover the PT again. Ugh.

The fully shaded version will be up by tomorrow evening. DONE! Thanks guys!

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Comments [12]:

Shaded or not still very nice page. Interesting development though Mr Allen might want to shut up and let the princess talk
Thank you! Yeah, when one's rambling on nervously, they don't often stop to think.
Literally apologising to save his job and career.... no time for thought or listening, eh? He comes in strong, but by the end of the page the wind had gone from his sails and he all at sea... I do like the completely perplexed on Allen’s face as he contemplates the hand that the Princess touched... Also, Darc, best of luck with the insurance company... so much fun... ;-)
The original idea was to have Allen looking at Moraine in that panel, but I figured someone would make some crack about him looking at her butt. So, his hand seemed the way to go. Thanks. Hopefully we'll get some word back soon. PT doesn't work too well if you can't go regularly.
Iron Ed
I think you made the right choice. In fact; I wonder if that might be a slightly more natural place for someone like Allen to look anyway. I mean, "Th-the Princess -touched- me! I-I may never wash this hand again." :-) :-) :-)
Petrov Neutrino
I am very much enjoying the way the characters are developing, along with the parallels and echoes through the years. Moraine's actions with Robert are a nice reflection back (forward) to how she dealt with Hunter in Issue 14, and the developing scene with Prince Matthew. Thank you!
Thank you! Mori's an absolute sweetheart when it comes to folks she likes. She's a pleasure to write at times.
So expressive! Panel two is gorgeous; that and the final two. Have to concur with above - Allen does look like the wind is quieting in his sails. So forlorn...
Thanks! The effects of the morning's magic are starting to settle in.
Every page is simply heart-wrenching in its own fashion. I adore this so much.
Thank you! :D
Poor Mr. Allen! Darc, you do such a wonderful job with expressing emotions, concerned surprise, to abject terror, to betrayal as he stares at his trembling hand. Even without dialogue clues you can tell exactly what he's thinking! And that cute little lock of hair at the bridge of his muzzle! Thank you so much for sharing your artistry!