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Issue 1 - Page 08

edit - 12-29-14: The arm is still a mess over a week later. The latest PT session aggravated things more than they helped. I can't move my arm comfortably or rest my elbow against anything at the moment. While I'll be working, things will be a little slow for a bit. I apologize for the delay.

Hey guys. As I mentioned HERE, I lost the majority of last Thursday to a rouge water jug and my own stupidity. I was just trying to be a good hostess, honest. Friday, meanwhile, was taken up by appointments, errands, and loading the car for our trip - we'll be out of the area until late Thursday. As a result, I wasn't able to hold a stylus long enough to complete today's page. I'll squeeze the finished version in when we return.

Thanks, guys, and Merry Christmas!

Comments [15]:

Ah-HA! Methinks Mister Allen.... and possibly Emily...... are about to receive unexpected Christmas gifts of some sort..... even if it is the wrong time of the year! Most interested in seeing this one play out. Merry Christmas to all! That includes hard-working Girls with painful wrists!
And that's why Mori will be an excellent Queen and beloved by her subjects.
Take all the time you need, Darc, and may you and your family have a very happy holidays! Very interesting development! I do hope though that the reason Emily fell asleep on the Young Miss wasn't because it took Allen too long to get up there with the tea!
Have fun with your family this holiday season. We, your fans and followers, request that you take the time necessary for recuperation. We will wait for you both.
I second the motion.
Iron Ed
I find the glimpses of the pictures on the walls to be quite intriguing. :-) Merry Christmas, Darc & Matt! And to all my friends in the comments!
choo choo george
Best wishes for the holidays to you Darc & Matt, hope you take it easy over the holidays.
Take care of yourself. Your art is beautiful (even the original archives), and I for one will happily wait to see each next strip. Enjoy your holidays and happy new year.
Very nice page extremely detailed with all the paintings. Hope your holiday was restful and Happy New Year Darc and Matt
take your time and happy new year to you and Matt
Darc, REST YOUR ARM!!! Even if you need a month off, we'll still love you and still wait for you.
/(o)\ RE-CU-PER-ATE!!! RE-CU-PER-ATE!!! It's, uh, supposed to be a Dalek. But you get the point. As much as we enjoy your comic, don't worry about getting pages done! Get better first!
We value your work, but we value you even more.
I second what everyone else has already said... REST YOUR ARM, Take your time, we will still be here. And I hope your holidays were lovely!
Reminds me of a scene which took place several decades from now.