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Uh oh...

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@Jeddar from the previous page: Thank you. That comment has made my day. On this page: You can really see the worry in Allen's face and posture. Nicely done.
Thanks. Getting emotions across through facial and body expressions is something I've been trying to work more on.
Indeed very nicely done. Darc does an excellent job with expressions on all her charecters
Thank you!
Que the ominous music. At least in his head.
*'Yakety Sax' plays in the distance*
That's probably even crueler than a dirge, given Mr. Allen's current unease.
@Kurtis: The Jaws theme perhaps. :=3
Mrs. Fennaweave does have a sharp mouth...
Some really expressive ear-work from Allen there... It's really great to have both this and CH:H running at the same dealing with the same characters at different periods in their lives.
Thanks! It's a little challenging working on both at the same time, but hopefully it's coming along okay.
yep, he's doomed. Pleasantly doomed, but doomed.
As long has he's out of her hair for the time being, Mrs. Fennaweave don't care.
Iron Ed
I really like the maid; especially in the first panel. Her expressions/mood reversals are wonderfully done and fun!
Thanks. Carol is a sweetie. We'll see more of her as time goes by.
Making a guess, I think Moraine will do something unorthodox but highly indicative of her good character by inviting Mr. Allen to take a seat and have a cup of tea as she explains the ways of the (magical) world to him. That would be a very gracious way to explain to the butler that his actions were acceptable given the nature of the emergency as well as being very much in character for Moraine.