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Hey guys! Welcome back! Thanks for sticking with me during the downtime. As you can see, this page still has some shading left to do. I found myself focusing on the main storyline and forgot about AYAD until this last Sunday. *face palm* I'll finish the shading up by this evening.

As for what else has been happening, I've started seeing a physical therapist for the TOS / wrist trouble. While things have been a little painful so far, there seems to be some progress already. So it's all good.

There will be a slight change to the update schedule for the next few months. The goal is to give me a little more time to adjust to the PT and hopefully see some improvement. For more information about the changes, please click here. Thanks guys!

Michael Gilson
2014-12-02 06:28:57 
My mother called her physical therapists 'Winston Churchill'. Because they could promise her nothing but blood, toil, tears and sweat.
2014-12-02 14:07:45 
Heh, I can see that. It's helped take some of the burning off of the palm so far, which is nice. :D
2014-12-02 08:18:07 
Rule One: Always listen to the cook. Especially those of the badger persuasion.
2014-12-02 14:08:17 
Badger marms must always be obeyed. It's safest that way.
2014-12-02 19:50:57 
Are you familiar with the Redwall series by Brian Jacques? I ask because that's the only place I've seen the term 'badger marms' used before.
2014-12-02 20:48:57 
Oh yeah, very much so. Constance is awesome!
2014-12-03 00:04:11 
Great, now i'm gonna have to dust those books off and re-read them again... I hope you're pleased with yourselves Joel and Darc! (And welcome back to the drawingboard, Darc!)
2014-12-03 00:34:45 
Might need a little work but still a very.nice page. Welcome back Darc!!
2014-12-03 03:19:52 
Welcome back Darc! Great page as usual. Now i want to watch Downton with furries. That would be much better.
2014-12-08 17:14:55 
Thanks! I need to catch up on Downton. I'm so far behind.
Aurik Marr
2014-12-05 00:12:54 
Don't we know a Lord James in the main comic? :D
2014-12-08 17:15:23 
We do. Not the same James, I'm afraid.