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Issue 1 - Page 04

It's Tuesday which means a new page of 'A Year and a Day'. Today Allen continues his worries and someone notices he's acting a little off.

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Oh man... did not expect a gut punch right in the feelings with this page. Allen just looks... *broken* here... dang...
He's not having a good day, no. Poor guy.
The look is not unexpected and Mr Allen's observations are historical fact to our world especially after WWII.. Darn more waiting to see how this works out. THANKS YOU Darc for stories that make us want more now..
Uh, Bear... I once spent over three months waiting to see if a character survived being tossed off a 20-story balcony. I'm currently waiting to see if one of my favorite characters in the Batman universe makes it out of the "Batman Eternal" storyline alive and sane. This is what writers are supposed to do, make you wait. If we're not making you wait... it means the story is over. :)
Sounds like Mrs Fennaweave is making her presence felt nonetheless. Nice to see a bit of downstairs action at the palace.
She's a force unto herself, that woman.
This was along the lines I was thinking... to be dismissed from a Royal Household would leave a stain that almost no amount of skill or experience could cover... combined with the socio-economics of the time it would leave Allen with few options in the future.... but I failed to take into account the combined physical state of enervation that would follow his fey experience... a recipe for despondency in for even the more strong willed individual...
Depending on the Princess's displeasure leaving the country might be the only viable option. At least the power of the royal family isn't what it once was. Punishments could range from death in nasty ways, imprisonment, to banishment. Also for all thier fighting the various royal families tended to be related after all the only acceptable marriage for a royal was another royal
I realized I hadn't shown either him or Emily exhibiting aftereffects from their experience with Moraine yet. Needed to slip that in.
wow I'm feeling really sorry for Alan. I wonder what she's going to tell him. After all it's we, when we're feeling guilty or down: will torture ourselves worse in our own mind then the people that we believe are angry with us