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Issue 1 - Page 03

It's Tuesday which means a new page of 'A Year and a Day'. Today we see some of the events of 'Fairy Tale' from Allen's point of view. We'll learn more about why he's so concerned next week.

Due to most of this page referencing back to 'Fairy Tale' I did edit and reuse some art. Sometimes a few tricks are helpful to echo past events.

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Foxx Trotter
On panel #2, "other side" is two words. Everything else on the page is good. :0)
Fixed. Thank you.
Interesting sadly we all know if Allen gets sacked it's likely only temporary.
After Mori settles down I don't think she'd sack Allen, as she'd realize that he did what he did for her own good.
Never a problem with you reusing your art instead of redrawing it. Makes more sense to simply copy and edit actually. I'm pretty sure most other artists do the same thing. I can feel Allen's dilemma, although he did what any good bodyguard is supposed to do - protect your charge even against themselves. It's easy to see how much he cares for her.
Ouch. I love how you can just tell he's feeling that sinking feeling right now.
This is great. The previous page seemed strange because it didn't seem like the Allen we know. We now discover that this was because that wasn't the 'real' Allen, it was Allen trying to be a hero (and succeeding). What makes this page seem so sad is not the fear of being sacked, but the feeling that his attempt to be something more has failed. He looks so crushed. Poor Allen.
I managed to pull it off? Yes! That's exactly what I was trying to do! Thank you! *dances*
There's so much emotion in Allen's face in that last panel. Once again, your ability to evoke feelings astounds!
Thank you!
Cue the Monty Python references.... now!
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I don't think I'll ever get tired of staring at that image of Allen with his gun drawn. ... I suddenly want to see him in a tux and pulling a Bond.
Mail Bag: Niiiice, loving the robe. And Cedric clearly hasn't grasped the difference between gaining status and murder. Or just hasn't spotted that there is one.
Hmmmm... can see why he'd be less than sanguine about his future... but in this field bleak or non-existant would pretty much sum it up...