A Year and a Day

Issue 1: Loyalties

Learning the truth behind what happened to Jacob Roderick left its mark. While Emily tries to help Moraine cope with the news, Allen prepares for what he fears most -- the loss of his job.

Issue 2: Fools

Meanwhile, Roderick learns a bit about his role as Moraine's messenger within the Fey Realm, meets a new ally, and gains a special gift.

Issue 2.5: A Quick Chat

It's been a few days since the arrival of Roderick's letter, and Moraine is still happy. Allen, on the other hand, can't help thinking about Fredrick's threat. While Moraine and Emily exchange gossip, Allen receives a response from a friend. But is the offer of help in time?

Issue 3: New Moon Rising

It's Allen's afternoon off and he's visiting a friend, hoping for some insight into his current situation. Unfortunately, Fredrick's already made his move. While Moraine and Allen deal with the results of Catherine's decision, the new moon begins to rise. The Hunt is on...