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Issue 24 - Page 19

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Everyone knows Pucks up to something. Everyone except the Queen of Summer, that is.

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Comments [14]:

Even the Fae are blind to what's right in front of their noses then... interesting.
Poor Summer... in complete denial that anyone in her Court could possibly hate her.
Oh ho... and things get even more curious~
Madd The Sane
So Winter will try extracting payment from Summer, and Summer might not want to pay. This could get ugly.
Very ugly indeed. Especially if Summer's world view has been distorted by Puck enough that other fae are ready to consider her insane.
Ooo..., could Puck be in (deserved) trouble?
When is he not? We're taking about the trickster of all tricksters here.
It's not a good time unless at least one person's upset at the end of the evening.
How very interesting and intriguing. I remember, not to long ago, that Winter was very happy that Puck lost his advantage over Spooky, much to Summer's chagrin. We saw back then, Puck was moving pieces around in an attempt to gain control over Spooky and thus over Princess (soon to be Queen) Moraine. Moraine had the essence to stop the Hunts from happening every New Moon and eventually had the power to become an Aspect herself. Puck doesn't have this much essence and looked to gain control over Moraine to be able to call upon her essence. He failed when Spooky used a boon to forget the Queen's names and he failed again when Moraine didn't enter the Fey Realm and into Puck's trap. Puck's ambition is to be come an Aspect himself, the question is, which Aspect? Does he wish to replace Summer? Winter? The Hunt? Moraine? Perhaps a new Aspect that has not existed before? Winter is on to Puck's ambition. For whatever reason Summer believes in Puck's loyalty, perhaps it is because Puck left Winter's court to join Summer's? So many questions to be answered!
Given how the conversation went when Spooky met the queens for the first time when Winter suggests Puck might be trying to become an Aspect, I get the feeling that Summer is just overconfident that she can control Puck and so doesn't take his schemes seriously as a threat.
Puck has no interest in becoming any of the already existing Aspects, as the Aspect's personality basically overrides the hosts own. Puck wishes to become a new Aspect, that way he truly gains immortality, because his existing personality becomes the basis of the Aspect.
Exactly. Puck's already one of the more widely known Fey in the mortal world. As you say, becoming an Aspect would secure his rights to immortality.
"Winter will extract Compensation from Summer." Oh yes, that isn't ominous at all. There's also the fact that the Courts are now unBalanced, so Winter has the right to demand a member of Summer's Court transfer allegiance so they Balance again. That's TWO debts Summer would have to pay. While a lesser Fae would do to cover one or the other, Puck's high status would make him the perfect choice to cover both.
Run, Puck! Run!