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Issue 24 - Page 17

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An immobilization spell makes snatching someone easy. Immobilize a person's mind so they can't control their own body, then wait for the twenty-four hours to be up. Unfortunately, as Jack says, being under such a spell for an extended period of time can have drastic effects on a person. Poor Nyx.

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Comments [13]:

Adam Pillari
It's nice to see winter is being somewhat....honorable about this, I somehow don't see her restitution being up to par though, at least by mori's standards. If her payment to Jack last time was any indication, what with the fey placing more value on objects, it's probably not going to be all that impressive. Especially since, technically, Nyx was kidnapped by one of winter's agents. Then again, I could be wrong.
Just gonna put these out here:
Helena talks about the courts...
Nyx disappears...
Interesting...I hadn't caught that when Nyx was taken...
To be fair, Nyx was taken before we officially knew the importance of the scelra color. And now Hollows in Bleach make sense......
So she was taken by the summer court. Why would Jack offer restitution? Nothing is ever freely given in Faerie.
Uh -oh. Restitution isn't Repair. This sounds more eye-for-an-eye.
Restitution is an ambiguous term, ranging from compensation to restoration. So I'd say it's a question of Winter's mood, since Jack seems to have a relatively straight-forward attitude.
Wow her reflection in the eye panel.... amazing
Second that!
If the victim is left a child at best and a vegetable at worst, why take them at all?? (please ignore the other post - even though I provided my name/e-mail, it said it was anonymous??)
You probably don't want to know the answer to that, since the BEST case is probably just ending up part of the Hell tithe that the Fae have to pay.
h Hell tithe? what? I somehow doubt thats actually part of the fundamental mythos of the fae. It is rather clearly a christian addon after they tried to convert everybody. I am not even sure celtic culture HAD a "Hell" and they would not have so conveniently named it the same as christians, since the culture is Older than christianity.

And besides, I think we're well outside of mythology when one of those myths is standing there talking to the Queen. The Tithe is a fact of the story, who knows what deals the Fey made in the past.