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Issue 24 - Page 14

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For anyone not familiar with Mr. Yuk, he's a symbol that was used in the States during the 70s and 80s to warn children that items were poisonous. Doodle's an American, born in the early 70s, so Mr. Yuk would have been something she'd remember from her childhood. While you can still get Mr. Yuk stickers now, he doesn't seem to be used as much these days.

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Comments [12]:

Actually, Mr. Yuk was common in the 90s too! Just wanted to mention; also, d'aww, adorable Mati ^^.
Carl Foxmarten
I guess now that Ruby knows what that cake does, she won't even try to eat any of it so we can see what its full effects are, eh? =^.~=
Tasty strawberry cake that makes you belch like a pro, what boy that age isn't gonna ask for a second piece!? I remember Mr Yuk, he got around more than just Pitsburg, I grew up in Texas.
ROFLMAO! Perfect!
'scuse me while I giggle to death over here...
That central panel is the best! Love the offset hearts.
Petrov Neutrino
Later that evening... Ruby: "Max, did you eat any of Mercy's cake?" Max: "Are you crazy? No. Why?" Ruby: "Someone did. All that's left is the empty plate." Max, thinking back: "Everyone did leave with leftovers. There was a lot of food there." Ruby: "Who would take any of that home?"
Last panel shock..., Gadel's actually smiling! Still, have to be a little disappointed that Ruby didn't dive into the cake, although she was probably suspicious from the start and wouldn't have done.
I recall that the Mr. Yuk symbol was adopted because some kiddies allegedly thought the old skull-and-bones symbol meant that the contents were pirate food. I remember the concept clearly, all these years later, because at the time I thought it bizarre.
Huge! burp and -ofcorse- he wants another piece. Typical kid.
@Petrov Neutrino - "Who would take any of that home?" I don't know... every married man on the PLANET?
Oh thank G-d... and good to know that Mercy is being so responsible with her abilities. That could have been problematic.