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Issue 24 - Page 03

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Every year Leystone holds a rugby match between the two local pubs, The Crown and Raven - a favorite of members of RCSI - and The Troll's Feet Tied House - a rowdy place popular with the more magical residents, especially trolls. In theory the goal is to promote comradery within the community. In reality, it's just an excuse to pound the stuffing out of each other. But, at the end of the day, it's all in good fun.

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Comments [32]:

Max's expression in the first frame.... priceless :)
Poor guy. He's not thinking too quickly at the moment. :D
Iron Ed
LOL! It was the -last- panel that I liked the best! :-)
I love how max's expressions change throughout this, especially the last panel. The look of abject horror is fantastic. Old vendettas and magic don't faze him at all, but physical therapy? That's downright terrifying.
I did that panel in honor of Matt's sister. She's a physical therapist. :D I'm debating whether to model Max's therapist after her. Just have her walk in with this big grin on her face, "oh we're going to have fun today!"
From experience I am sure all PTs have to have a fair chunk of sadism in their mental make up. The happy look on my PT's face each time she cheerfully announced "Looks like you are doing well with that exercise, let's ramp it up a bit more and remember, 'No Pain, No Gain!'" made me wish that I could return the agony with an incendiary glare! ;-)
I wonder how many "rugby" accidents happen over at that hospital. The National Health would be having a field day about all of these people with "rugby" accidents. XD
"Why are there so many rugby accidents in Leystone?" "We're just really invested in the game, ma'am."
The original games of football were much like this, only between villages. Everyone took part, everywhere was the pitch and the goalmouths were in their respective villages...
I saw something like that on this one clip show Matt and I used to watch. It was insane.
At least it isn't as bad as Iroquois games of Lacrosse. The major rule in those games was "No ranged weapons.".
Sounds like one hell of a game. O.o;
And then there was the Aztec ball game where the winners were sacrificed to the gods by having their hearts ripped out.
"You win!" "CRAP!!!"
Actually it was considered a high honor as you were taking the prayers of your tribe directly to the gods.
I know that the scripts for most comics are though out well in advance, but wow, my guess in the last strip was right on the money. Interesting
The annual rugby game will be coming up in a few issues. It seemed like a good time to slip a little about it in. Though poor Max, looks like he's going to be sidelined this year.
Sounds interesting.I'll look forward to it.
Well we see a few things here. So I'm thinking that Moraine could have healed him but this hospital was closer, so this is where he came. Moraine may still heal him but there may be limitations of what she can do. A little frostbite in Allen's hand is one thing, mending bones is another. So Ruby is in charge. I wonder what folks told the doctor about Ruby/Max relationship. Did Ruby say their just flatmates or something more? It is interesting because a doctor normally wouldn't use that language unless she knew something more about the family relationships of her patient. Lastly, eesh six weeks then physical therapy. :) It is okay, Max needs a vacation and I do think this entitles him to workman's compensation, wouldn't you say?
I don't want to say why Moraine didn't heal Max because that's something that will come out a little later. As for Dr. Bengali, she's seen Max and Ruby so many times at this point she likely suspects there's more to it than friendship, even if those two are being pigheaded about it. *laughs* I can't see Ruby leaving Max alone for too long if she could help it. That could make a doctor suspect something. Unfortunately, due to how much needs to fit in this issue, I ended up leaving out the part showing Mercy as a hospital volunteer. I planned on having her be there when Max woke up - Ruby was out getting a soda - but dropped it for space reasons. :(
Oh that would have been priceless. Mercy so wants Max for a night or four for herself. I'm sure she'd even promise to be gentle in his 'fragile condition'. We are just hoping that these two loverats stop being so pigheaded and accept what is there. One would think Ruby would be VERY cautious due to past partners, but it looks like Max is the one that is super cautious. Probably cause he is her trainer? Shy around women? But Ruby isn't a normal woman! :)
Yeah, being her trainer, that might count as fraternisation, which I understand is frowned upon in most armed forces (and for why someone in Colorado is using metric spelling, see my Twitter, though I think it's buried *deep* now 😼)
Six weeks? Physical therapy! I felt the same way after dislocating my shoulder. Bunners
Not the dreaded PT! That's worse then getting busted up in the 1st place
Physical therapy is never fun. Form Max's expression, his been down this road with the Doc before and it was not a pleasurable experience.
The look on Max's face in the last panel is great.. been there done that it feels like torture at times
PT isn't gonna kill him... but he's gonna wish Gavin had finished the job by the end of the first day. Mwahahahahahaha...
Small, really small, infinitesimally small point. If in England, the doctor would refer to physiotherapy and not the Americanized (or Americanised) version of physical therapy.
True. Unfortunately, I doubt most folks would understand what that is, thereby ruining the joke. For the sake of clarity, you sometimes chose to go with the more recognized term.
Wow all the things you have to think about to do an online comic! Never would have considered that choice you made. Love the shading!! As always you rock.
Know where you are coming from AZMike, we also call 'em Physio's or say "I am suffering through physio." here in Aus. Ultimately Darc has summed it up well, we Commonwealth nations tend to be more flexible in our language interpretation than Americans so writers have to make compromises at times to make a gag work without losing it in translation
I love the emotional roller coaster that played out on this page.