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Issue 24 - Page 02

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It's been mentioned a few times before, but in case folks have forgotten, Code Name: Hunter currently takes place in the year 2000. Also, the civilian doctors don't know what Max really gets up to. The story they've been led to believe is that he's an extreme sports fiend. As to why a civilian hospital... the local hospital was closer than transporting Max back to the RCSI HQ.

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Comments [14]:

The head of medicine for the hospital: "Wot? 'Ees 'ere again?"
The sport was fae-wrangling, and he had to put one out of his misery!
Max: "I was playing Portal." Doc: "That new video game that just came out?" Max: "A very aggressive game of Portal."
Max: "Cheese Wheel Rolling, in a thunderstorm!"
'Extreme sports'... nice cover story. Also, might I suggest 'bungee jump boogie boarding'?
Roller derby? Also, I love the fact that Ruby can't help but tease Max with a silly robot joke.
Rodeo, obviously.
Sword fighting during a thunderstorm as part of a historical enactment
Rugby practice would be a very useful excuse, given the shape he's in.
My bet is on "Trolling during an election year"... if thats not an extreme sport that might get you a hospital visit I don't know what is.
Ahhhh... The ever faithful nurses button to help get you REALLY straighten out when family/friends like to kid with you after surgery. This hits VERY close to home with my Dad and how he likes to see me wake up from surgeries. VERY Ruby-ish. XD
Love Ruby's spontaneous wit Being a purveyor of of the wall humour , she is one we can relate to
Ratan Broadswords, someone forgot to properly check his armor.