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Issue 23 - Page 24

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Hey guys! Here we are at the end of Issue 23! I apologize for the delay. Those of you who follow me on Twitter know we had a pipe break Monday evening, taking out our bathroom and dropping water all in the kitchen. So we've been getting that fixed this week. But we're here so, it's all good!

Yes, I'm afraid we've seen the last of poor Gavin. Stab a Fey with iron and they burn, turn to ash, and go boom. No body. We'll see the fallout of these recent events in the next issue.

This issue has pushed me well out of my comfort zone in so many ways. They say working outside your comfort zone is one of the best ways to stretch your skills and improve, even if the results are a little rocky at times. Overall, I'm pleased with the results. *grin*

The end of the issue means I'll be taking a week off before beginning Issue 24: Balance. This will give me a bit of breathing space to finish laying out the next issue as well as get some additional work done. Normally I'd have the collected cbz version of the issue just about ready to go by now, but I want to go back and shade the earlier pages first. Those will be worked on over the next week as well.

Issue 24 will begin Thursday, October 6th. We should also have the cbz and hopefully the 'Art of...' book for this issue ready to go by then as well. Thanks guys!

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Comments [26]:

My advice, Henry: Drag Max back through the gate and let the queen take care of him. Max needs to get back through the gate soon anyway. The only problem is if the magical backlash made him more Fey than mortal.
Hunter won't be stuck in the Fey realm. If he was Darc would have to change the name of the comic to 'Code Name Gypsy' :)
And you would complain about the kind of antics we'd get from that comic?
As it is Darc has to update Gavin's cast page to "Deceased". :=3
Been kind of busy on this end.
Well there goes my theory we wouldn't leave on a cliff hanger.... :) Well done on this issue, Darc, well done indeed. I can't wait to see all the fall out. I can see Winter being irked that she lost a loyal servant, but at the same time she has many so maybe she won't care THAT much. I think it would be more of a principle thing. The fact Gavin died to a mortal has got to sting a bit. I don't think this is enough to start a war, after all Moraine and RCSI were merely retrieving an agent that was stolen. It was an appropriate response with some unintended consequences. Once Max gets back, I have to say Ruby is NOT going to let him out of her sight for some time to come and in fact, being that Max nearly dies here, she might be forced to confront her own feelings towards him. Anyone know what the offspring of a mouse/canine would look like? :)
I can't see Winter being too irked, as Gavin has disgraced her in front of the mortal queen and Summer. I will concede that him being bested by a "runt" of a mortal will hurt Winter's pride a bit, and probably that of Summer too; as they see the mortals as weak and fragile.At least that is how I see their attitudes towards mortals.
My fear is that in 'besting' Gavin, Hunter now gains the eye of the Winter Queen, much like Spooky. Being noticed by the Queens is not always a good thing.... Oh and Puck... :)
Henry K9
And what would you call the offspring? a Hou(nd) (Mou)se a"house" or a " mound"?
Hooooooo DAMN! Medic! Also, I know for sure that got Summer and Winter's attention, but more importantly, it got PUCK'S attention!
One of the best , if not the best story you have done so far. The art is inspiring.
Generally you do excellent "Boom-work," but the top is an exceptionally well done ending to a villain. Well Boomed!
Iron Ed
I do NOT want to clean up that mess. :-)
Good riddance to bad rubbish.
I wonder if in eliminating Gavin, Max has acquired some (all) of Gavin's magical ability. If so it will be interesting to see how he adapts to the ability to use magic given his previous total inability to use it,
That would be an interesting development. Especially given that suddenly having magic would mean he'd need training, and currently training new mages is Gadel's job.
Wow... Looking at this end page and the current AYAD end-page side-by-side on the home page is a study in direct opposites. Lovely work, Darc!
"And with Max's death, 'Code Name: Hunter' now draws to a close. But stick with us for our new webcomic, 'Corpse Name: Brain Hunter', exploring the exciting un-life and times in Her Majesty's Zombie Service!"
I absolutely loathe zombie stories.
Petrov Neutrino
-heh- The often overlooked cause of global warming and climate change! Some winter court aligned Fey just got a promotion, since the courts must always be in balance. A fitting end to Gavin, and a satisfying development in the story with lots of interesting possibilities. Extremely well done. Thank you!
Oooo, very nice. Very nice indeed. Looking forward to the next issue. -wg- I believe that this issue (Iron Will) is eligible for the 2017 Hugo Award for Graphic Novel. [started and finished in the same year] Between the art and story, I'd say this is more than worthy. ((you do not have to go to WorldCon to nominate or vote. You just need a supporting membership. I am not part of WC. Just a fan who is passing on information.))
Gavin's ego was so inflated that he popped!
If the blast had been fueled by Gavin's ego there would have been a mushroom cloud.
This is an awesome page. :) I have enjoyed this issue for sure. The effects and visuals have been stunning. This will be interesting to see what the consequences are. But to be honest, I'm kinda glad Gavin is out of the picture now. (Does that make a bad person?) *g*
I just had a thought.... I hope Moraine doesn't have to use a boon to salvage this situation.
Awww Gavin Fawl down, go BOOM!