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Issue 23 - Page 09

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You don't stay with Mori for as many years as Emily has without becoming at least a little familiar with swords.

We're back from the Midwest. Dad's operation went well. There were some complications over the last week or so, but it sounds like he's doing better now. Matt and I are still trying to juggle this week's work while we get caught up. If we're a little behind, please be patient. Thanks guys!

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Comments [17]:

Go Emily, go!
Kick butt, girl!
Iron Ed
As opposed to... Kickbutt Girl? ;-)
Emily has become quite the fighter. Hope you folk are able to take some time for yourselves.
We'll likely find something to do this weekend to relax. Matt has a conference he'll be attending next week, so taking a little time to blow off stream this weekend might be nice. :D
That wasn't in Puck's plan I'll bet.
No one ever suspects Emily. :D
Oh wow, I LOVE the bushy tail and ears back on Emily.
Thanks. I really enjoyed drawing that panel.
Love this page! All the poses, the action, the colors, Emily's kick butt attitude... all of it is amazing. I have to say though, the expressions on Nyx's face are perfect to me. It is blank without being zombie creepy and really adds to the situation.
Thank you. Poor Nyx... trapped in her own mind with no control over her body. It must be horrifying. :(
Glad to hear your Dad's doing better! Also, Emily needs to wield a sword more often!
Thanks. He's doing well. Getting kind of bored with the imposed restrictions on what he can do at the moment, but glad to be home. Emily does need to get all kick-butty more often. She's actually fairly good at it. :D
Iron Ed
One of my favorites with Emily! Knows when to step in, and knows when to leave -with-no-nonsense- too! Like her best in the second panel (Did she just stick that guard with the sword??), and the quick, almost funny, transition in the third. :-) :-) :-) Especially like Nyx's expression in the first panel. With all the Dad-stuff and traveling just completed, I recommend a short -break- for you and Matt. You have earned one big-time! I'm really glad all went so well.
Iron Ed
p.s. That really feels like a -growl- from Emily in the second panel too. I like it! ... (I've always liked the name 'Emily'. It's a main character's name in the book I started writing (years ago) but never finished too! :-) )
Yeah, I was thinking of a sort of 'mer-oow' type growl with her there. Emily's a great name. The world needs more folks named Emily.
Thanks, Ed! I'm thinking she mostly scared him off - he moved back in enough time to avoid the blade. Shame, really. Dad's doing well and back home, which is a relief. Matt and I spent last week trying to catch up with everything and recover from the trip, but we may do something to relax this weekend. Due to the trip, we don't be taking a vacation out of state this year, but there are lots of neat little things we can see in the area and be home that same night. So it's all good. :D