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This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Allen and crew aren't gonna put up with your Fey nonsense.

This is a two CN:H pages week. We'll have two AYAD pages next week.

I spent the early part of this week sailing the seven seas of snot. Inks and colors will be up over the weekend.The shaded version will be up in a few days. Been splitting the weekend between housework and the pages. DONE! Thanks guys!

To see the large panel at full size without the color overlay, click on the thumb below. Warning: it's a big file.

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Comments [44]:

Sea Seas of snot, Inks and colors this weekend? of the snot? Ewww! go see a Doc!
Turns out snot is not a good binder for pigments. You learn something new every day.
now that is impressive.
Thank you!
So Jenora was exactly right. The staff handled it. As is only right and proper.
As if Mrs. Fennaweave would let anyone get away with destroying HER kitchen.
Petrov Neutrino
Wow! Even in the sketch / pencil form, these pages are incredibly beautiful! For those that enjoy seeing how the final artwork takes shape, see the "Art Of" books in the downloads section.
I agree! So much incredible detail.
Thank you! I got a little carried away again. But it was fun. :D
Hoe vs. battleaxe and the hoe winds. Gardening is more powerful than war, baby.
Of course. Logistics beats tactics every time!
They saw Mrs. Fennaweave. "Wait, that's a badger! Nuh-uh, I don't want no part of that!"
"I've got a curtain rod, and I'm not afraid to use it!"
That curtain rod was never the same...
I thought the figure in the back might have been Moraine in her wedding dress. That'd be a hell of a wedding reception.
It would have been. "This is MY special day and you're RUINING IT!" *blast*
This would have been terrifyingly epic. Especially since I doubt any of them had collars to protect them from Fae Magic.
Scary as hell, but likely amazing to watch.
Hi Darc! Long time no talk yeah? :D how have you been? I've been following ya since I realized I'd lost your link and went searching for you again, and I have to say I haven't been disappointed! Now that you're on a more regular schedule, I want to say I MISS YOU at SF and was wondering if you'd consider rejoining the fold! I know I'm not the only one! :D The comic is coming along wonderfully! I love what I see each and every time! Take care and hope you have a great weekend!
Hey Tigershark! Trying to get the schedule under control anyway. *laughs* Thank you. Life keeps throwing curve balls, but I should poke my head in SF again. I tend to turn into a bit of a hermit when things get a little crazy life-wise.
Considering the opposition, a cast iron frying pan would be a terrifying weapon. Or a chef's knife.
Think how humiliated the Fey that got it's nose smashed in by that cast iron skillet. Even worse if it was still sizzling from use.
Ouch! Hot iron. That would leave one hell of a mark!
For some reason the staff from Downton Abbey popped into my head with that image. XD
*laughs* That'd be awesome!
Let that be a lesson to you. NEVER forget to tip the butler!
Damn straight!
The fiercest defenders of a castle or home are those who make their living there. Especially when armed with the tools of their trade.
You can't just go invading people's homes. That's where they keep their stuff.
Looks pretty darn great in color! I love it!
Thank you! They were a joy to do, if a little time consuming.
Who is her aunt? I have a guess but I don't think it has been stated in comic yet.
Well, he married Emily I think. That would make her Ruby's aunt.
That is what I was thinking, but is it canon or just speculation?
Yep, Allen and Emily end up married. Their relationship's been hinted at but not fully shown yet.
Petrov Neutrino
Thank you! :D
Holy Smokes thats Beautiful!
Thanks! :D
Great Web comic. Been reading for a while now and I am glad to see new updates. Keep up the great work.
Is that Specter in the back with Emily? It looks like Specter, but with hair. (And now I'm imagining Hunter with a haircut, which just tickles my funnybone for some reason.)
Iron Ed
Love the lady with the fryin' pan! And those colors are wonderful, Darc! The orangish lighting and the sparks make it look as if they are defending against The Gates of Hell".
I just imagine Mrs. Fennaweave holding up that frying pan and shouting, "EULALIAAAA!" at the top of her lungs. How't that for a reference :P