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Issue 22 - Page 22

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Part one of a double spread. I'll post the second half of the spread tomorrow instead of AYAD. We'll do two AYAD comics next week to catch up.

I'm going to kill the art side of my brain, I swear.

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Comments [6]:

Whoohh, the rescue's picking up a bit, though I worry they might miss something crucial in the rush. Looking forward to the rest (in an "on the edge of my seat" way) -- Don't worry, we'll resurrect the art side if need be.
Hah, panic all around... and looks like the guard got his grope in after all! Hope it was worth it, sonny jim, because you're not going to remember a damned thing in a second!
Okay, I have to say I wasn't prepared for panel 3. It's all kicking off, as we say in London...
Or as we say stateside, the **** is about to hit the fan.
Well at least it hasn't gone pear shaped. Yet.
Oh, it's gone pear shaped alright. It's just that you're only seeing the stem right now.