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Issue 22 - Page 15

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

Cameras? Ha! She's got something better than that... We'll find out what next week. In the meantime meet Henry Collins, an excitable footman.

Comments [12]:

I LOVE the expressions on this page. Henry seems like the type that needs to switch to decaf.
Agreed. A wonderful set and display of facial motion.
Thirded. Reminds me of the White Hare in Alice and Wonderland. XD
Yeeee! Thanks guys! :D
Petrov Neutrino
Good thing Henry immediately mentioned Her Majesty, or he might have found himself on the floor in a martial arts hold. Ruby does not look amused that he grabbed / pulled her, even with the obvious urgency.
One should never grab a redhead without warning them first. Especially if that redhead is a Pyrenees.
Yes, Ruby does not do well with unsolicited contact, especially from males, however with the Queen being mentioned, all that is quickly forgotten. I wonder if this is her first private audience with the Queen?
It may be. She hasn't had much interaction with Mori so far.
I was looking at Ruby's muzzle fur that is ruffled. Darn helmets wreak havoc with fur don't they? Cute touch tho!
Darn helmets. Always messing up one's rugged good looks...
I must agree on the facial expressions...From a different perspective..If Henry(as excitable as he is) were a white rabbit, he would be telling Alice, "I'm Late!"
Thanks! Facial expressions are on my 'need to practice more' list. That list just keeps growing. :D