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Issue 22 - Page 12

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

We got a little turned around update-wise this week. AYAD went up Thursday, while CN:H hit the web today. I'm still spending a good portion of my day minding a rambunctious, and rapidly growing, puppy. As a result, the shaded version will be up later this afternoon.

ALL DONE! Want to see the various steps from rough sketch to finished? Click here! Thanks guys!

Comments [16]:

Ha ha ha! I love the griffins hiding high up like cats avoiding craziness on the floor. :-)
I don't suppose there could be a way to post the shaded versus unshaded up, to compare, for those of us who don't draw can admire the improvements shading does? Cause i didn't notice anything until I read the note, and realized that the unshaded version reminded me of the cartoons of my childhood like Huckleberry Hound and Tom and Jerry.
Sure thing! I'll make a post on Tumblr showing the various stages once the shading is finished, then add a link to the post under the page here. There's about a couple hours of work left to do. It all depends on Ruby Mae staying asleep for a bit. :D
Here's the post with the various stages, from rough sketch to finished - :D
Eeeee! So pretty! Thank you! It's amazing the work you do! All the details and glowy stuff! And yes, the Griffins are awesome, in a "Haha!" way.
At least we know what Freda priorities are.
Oooh... little singed there, Hunter!
That one came close to leaving a mark. Careful down there, Gavin, horseshoes are not your friend. ;-)
Unless they're silver horseshoes. Although I get the impression the agents stuck in Fae would probably make sure to shod their horses with iron, just in case.
Wow, thought he'd lost an ear for a moment there. And, yeah, the Griffins are priceless.
Now where did Gavin learn Special Beam Cannon?
choo choo george
After seeing how you create CN:H all I can say is, Wow, Darc, how do you do it? Such terrific detail bit by bit, you really are a Davinci, Rembrandt etc. of the comic world.
I wonder if pure silver would work on Fey I know iron does but I read that magical creatures don't like silver
There are few legends that say so, but they're rare when it comes to fae. Some even speak how fae are obssesed with gold and silver. It doesn't seem to be weakness for CNH's fae.
Worst shaving experience EVER!