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Issue 22 - Page 05

This issue is extra special because it's a Sponsored Issue! Thank you!

It's the return of Rummy the Climbing Fool! Look at him go!

There's still a bit of shading left to do in the middle panel. I'll have that finished up by midday Thursday. DONE!

Comments [11]:

Are they using shuko?
Petrov Neutrino
Yes. Rummy was seen using them when he previously scaled the wall in Interlude: Conversations - page 12.
Jon Wolf
i guess they are how do they expect to climb the wall
I know not this Shuko of which you speak. But it sure looks cool. Also, thanks for letting us see all your sketches etc. over on the blog, Darc. Really nice.
At least Jinx has found her cheerful side again... but then who would not be cheered by seeing Gavin getting made a fool of by his own arrogant impetuousness?
And the fae queens would approve of all this, cause it's sneaky, stealthy, and soooo much fun with Gavin's acting the distraction...
And now, the serious part of the mission.
Hedgehog? Wallhog!
HEX the Dark
I am late, I know, but I am very sorry about Holly. She was as much part of this site as anyone else.
Have I mentioned that Jynx is my best, favourite character next to Morraine and Ruby? :) Just sayin'.
Ruby is the yummiest ever! If she were human, I would be madly in lust with her. She, being intelligent as well as yummy, would have nothing to do with me! But at least we would have Webleys in common!