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Issue 21 - Page 04

I was sore and frustrated by the time I finished this, so I've nothing really to add beyond the fact that I think Fjord horses are too cute for words.

Comments [8]:

The rescue party goes forth. I like the concern Greer shows for the agents of RCIS.
They're his buddies, after all. :D
Nice job on that Fjord pony. I am glad to see more than one breed represented in the realm. Good choice for a mount for Greer too. :-)
Thanks. Fjords are so cute! I had to try adding one in.
I love Greer
He is a cutie, eh?
Sir Spooky! Love that. I'd also like to give a shout out to the cute Mail Bag page, as there isn't anywhere on it to comment. I especially like the way you can see the hands on her hips through her clothes.
Thanks! Yeah, I left comments off the 'Mail Bag' comics since some of them may have characters acting or referencing things outside of the series now and then. Trying to avoid possible arguments.