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Issue 18 - Page 20

The CN:H version of certain Fey vary from the ones we know in our world. In this universe the Sandman, while occasionally granting pleasant dreams, more often than not induces nightmares. He also steals children from their beds and carries them into the Fey realm.

Leanan Sidhe, meanwhile, is a beautiful muse who grants musicians and writers great inspiration... at the cost of their life. A deal with Leanan Sidhe will grant you the talent to create works which will be remembered throughout the ages, a gift many are willing to pay anything for.

Winter we already know.

As for the fellow in the middle... we'll get to him later. For now, let's just call him 'Sir Not Appearing in This Film' and leave it at that.

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Iron Ed
Leanan; Aspect of Vampires? :-) It's interesting when someone shows up with visible fangs. 'Sir Not Appearing in This Film' - Monty Python reference? :-) :-) :-)
Some legends say she is a vampire, yes. Definitely a 'Monty Python' reference. Possibly a hint as well. ;D
Leanan Sidhe - The Faerie Muse. She would grant inspiration to musicians, artists and writers and in exchange, slowly leech off them until they dove into madness. She'd guarentee the ultimate fame in exchange for their lives, where she'd take them home and drain them of blood to sustain herself. All in all, she's a fun date.
Holy WHAT? I had completely forgotten two of you work on this comic! XD And hell yeah I'd take that deal.
Also, Harry Dresden's godmother.
She sounds like someone who spends more time in the mortal plain then a good many of the Aspects. I'd assume you would see her at a great many places with music, stories and shows if it fit her fancy or had a client there.
Geeze Louise. Besides Greer and that little pixie from the prologue, we're not seeing many good guys on the fey side.
Ron Bauerle
So much for "balance"... I didn't like that aspect (sorry) of the Unseleigh arc in Tales of the Questor, and I'm not liking it here - I'll hang in there for the art and the (mortal) characters, but it's hard to look forward to what new level of dickishness the fey will come up with next :^( Do the mortals and/or fey in this eternal-life dimension reproduce? If so, why isn't there a population explosion? Even with the death rate in _our_ world, it's not enough...
Mortals exhibit a change once they enter fey, their reproductive systems stop and they can no longer have children. In the fey, the high nobility is technically genderless (taking the concept of being unable to create to the extreme). The wildfae and the least court members can procreate, but their birth rate is incredibly slow. One every few hundred years, they have better odds mixing with mortal blood to create half-breeds, but that carries a stigma to both the fey parent and the child.
You forgot Mabel and Darroch!
Greer's warning Roderick about the Courts. Parents don't tell their children about nice strangers, only the ones with scary vans and "free candy".
That's amazingly descriptive of the Fey.
Or at least of the bad ones.
Iron Ed
Of course, I doubt the Fey consider themselves, or what they're doing, to be "bad". :-)
Casual Notice
"Evil" and "Good" are monotheistic concepts that don't apply well to polytheistic faiths. The Asgardians and Olympians were both remarkably fluid in their ethics and morality, while the Celtic gods and goddesses (and the Sidhe count among them), ascribed to no earthly morality beyond the honor of the deal. To be fair, there is a certain rigid morality in the execution of freely-accepted deals and obligations, but what modern westerners would call good and evil simply don't apply.
Casual Notice
Subscribed, not ascribed. Early morning...not thinking.
Aurik Marr
Thats it, Spooky needs to recruit more pixies for the mortal court.
Ok, yeah, Sandman creeps me out ;3; ... And having the tune Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes in my head when looking at him only scares me more ;3;
Try looking at him while listening to Metallica's 'Enter the Sandman' Should be more than freaky enough...
Yep, that was Matt's influence.
Our version of the Sandman was Matt's idea. It's from a story concept that popped in his head after hearing Metallica's "Enter Sandman" so often on the radio. For a few months there, every time he got in the car, even for very short trips, that song would come on. Every time.
"The Fey Realm!" "The Fey Realm!" "The Fey Realm!" "It's only a model..." "Shhh!"
When I first saw the sketch for this and the next page, I actually thought they were the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (with the Sandman as "Pestilence"). Then I realised that no, that wouldn't have made sense. The aspects we're seeing here work much better with the context, anyway. (Also, lovely artwork, as always!)
Bob Cleveland
I don't remember if the Horn Crown King is a part of the court or not. But if I do remember correctly he leads or did lead the Wild Hunt.
This style of drawing the comic is really doing this summery discussion between Greer and Spooky justice. It's giving the Aspects a much more dramatic introduction to the readers and also gives a bit of artistic freedom for the artist to do so.
So if the Sandman is esentially the boogeyman, who's the benevolent counterpart if they exist?
I would guess Morpheus.
"Sir Not Appearing In This Film" -- my call is Arthur. [Or, barring that, Merlin... possibly?] He has enough legends surrounding him that I can easily see him as an Aspect, person in picture is wearing a crown and carrying an obviously famous sword, and Arthur moved to a place which can be construed as a portion of the Fey realms before he died. But then, I haven't read the back archives recently, and that might contradict your in-verse cannon in some way.
I'm not sure if the question has been raised yet, but what charms or sway does Leanan hold over ladies? My eyes zeroed in on her almost immediately upon this page loading.
I'm not sure if the question has been raised yet, but what charms or sway does Leanan hold over ladies? My eyes zeroed in on her almost immediately upon this page loading.
Godel Fishbreath
For a song about Phil Oaks and something like that fey muse:
Godel Fishbreath
Leslie Fish's Chickasaw Mountain It tells of a deal with a lady, whom I had presumed to be one of the aspects of a wiccian goddess, but could well be that fey (if indeed they are truely separate and not aspects of each other)