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Conversations - Page 13

RUMMY [later]: "Looks like someone put a heck on her."

SPECTER: "Hex, Rummy, hex."

RUMMY: "Two of them, that's even worse!"

SPECTER: [sighs]

Comments [16]:

That's some gorgeous celtic artwork, there.
Thanks. I wish I cold take full credit for it, but it's actually a font - Celtic Patterns. I made a the designs with the font, multiplied it, adjusted each one copy to roughly fit in its space, then cleaned and tightened them each up.
Son of a... that should read "could" not "cold". *laughs*
Not overly surprised by this development. Thank you for all the hard work in creating such gorgious artwork
Thanks Bear.
You guys tell such interesting stories that I sometimes skim the pictures in favour of the words. Pages like this remind me to go back and enjoy the art, too. Simply beautiful.
Thank you. I've been studying perspective heavily lately and wanted to try and see if I could apply what I've been trying to learn to the comic. Some days I just want to draw full page spreads. Other days tight panels. :D
Woah. Just....woah.
Thank you. *blush*
I love the detail you put in your work. Rummy's hair must have been as time consuming as those gorgeous globes. Hope you didn't hurt your writst more doing them.
Thanks. Rummy's hair is a little hard to figure out how it will lay, but once that's settled it goes quick. The globes were a little tricky, but not too bad. The initial perspective kicked my butt, though.
I don't even want to think about how long it took you to figure out the perspective. Aerial shots are tricky to draw, says my husband and daughter the two artists in the family. Somehow, I get the impression that having the captives sitting in the courtyard is the same as placing bait in a trap. Hope Spooky is as paranoid as I am. What am I saying? He's probably a thousand times more paranoid.
Gorgeous perspective shot. Plus I love the light to Darc contrast without losing any of the detail. Sp: "That's dark, Scruffy, dark." Sc: There's two Darcs? That's even worse!
Heh, thanks. The credit for the darkness goes to Matt. He's the one who reminded me the one side of the building would be casting a shadow over most of the courtyard. :D
Glad you mentioned a hex. The glow worried me as it reminded me of the glow that surrounded Roderick when he consumed the Fey-world tainted water....
HEX the Dark
I didn't do anything! D: