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Uh-oh. Greer doesn't look happy. Poor guy.

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Isn't that Gavin in the corner there? Winter must be ticked if she's got him acting as an errand boy!
A charm to take your cares away! What happens when you take it off? Gavin's probably on one of those stereotypical shopping trips where the bloke's along just to carry the purchases.
Dawww poor greer i kinda wanna hug him and im a freakin Guy Love da comic
Oooo that DOES look like Gavin! Man does he seem PISSED! :D
It looks like Gavin, and it is a Fae of the winter court, but I don't think it's him. Mostly from some of the markings I see, like the blue stripe on his ear. I don't remember Gavin having that. It's probably just another winter Fae that has a general dislike for mortals.
You can see them on the cover of issue 13 :)
♫ Gavin's i-in trouble! Gavin's i-in trouble! ♫
Couldn't happen to a better fellow. *wide evil grin* For a moment I thought he was even on a leash, like we've seen others.
Oh yeah, its Gavin and he's got Nanny duty. Hah! Baby-minder! Baby-minder!
Gavin... he was an interesting character. I hope we see more of him. Now that hunter is in the fey world, there is an extreme risk of running into eachother!
BTW: That necklace is lovely on her. 5Coin was a steal.
HEX the Dark
I like the faint blush on her face. :)
Poor Greer. I hope that Jinx can brighten his mood.