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We'll find out what happens with Greer in a bit. For now, we join up with Jinx and Mabel.

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simply entrancing, that bauble...
You know us women... can't resist a pretty sparkly. ;D
Iron Ed
Just gotta be careful there is nothing tricksy about it!
No one says you can't mix a little shopping in with the search. Besides merchants tend to be more helpful if you do buy something.
Ah, Mixing shopping with womens talk is always a great thing I know first hand that you can get more information from another girl if she is chatting with you! Giggle!
Mabel seems quite open and willing to help. Since Jinx knew her by name, perhaps we have another friendly contact in the Goblin Market.
5 coin for a bit of jewelry. Now we know for sure 1 coin per apple was highway robbery LOL! However, window-shopping and gossiping will never go out of style, no matter where it is.
In most mythology I've seen the fae don't place as high a value on material goods as mortals, this would influence the prices by a great deal.
Well in my experience, I find it is best to have allies in a... well... hostile place. With the risks of being in debt and all with the fey, it's probably a good idea to have someone who would not require a "favor" from you as a friend. Speaking of favors isn't there some loophole or something?
Karma Squirrel
I love Mabel! Maybe I'm a sucker for looking outside the norm, but I like her big-boned, matronly look.
I hope she feels better soon! Relax, recover and get some rest. -heh- Probably redundant. (Flashbacks of Denis Leary's stand-up routine about NyQuil.)
One's health is the important concern. We are happy to wait for you both.
It is nice that even far away from home with no chance ever to return, Jinx can find little pleasures in life such as a pendant or a bauble. Make the best of a bad situation.