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Issue 16 - Page 22

Yep, that's Ruby's grandma with Michael Pyrenees. The "little one on the way" isn't Ruby's father. Joshua was the youngest of four boys.

Issue 16 will end this Friday, which means next week is Break Week. I want to take a breather week between issues from now on. This way I have a little more time to layout and prepare for the next issue instead of trying to cram my preparations into an already packed, three-a-week schedule. I'll try to share something new on the blog - that area on the front page below the comments section - each day of next week, so please stop by and give it a look. Thanks guys!

Comments [10]:

Love the expressions on this page. You can feel how both characters are feeling and reacting to each other
Thanks Bear. I've been trying to work on my expressions a bit more. I hope we can get this wrist healed soon. I miss my sketchbook practices.
Just finished reading through the archive, after discovering this comic. Wonderful work. Darc, take care of yourself. I want to be able to read the story in completed form, even if it takes a longer between installments. To quote a certain count, "If you haven't got your health, you haven't got anything."
Thank you! *blush* I'm glad you've been enjoying the comic so far. Yes, always listen to Count Rugen. It's safer that way. ;D
The curse of the Responsible..... you can never be irresponsible and you must always do the right thing, even if it hurts.... and even worse when it will hurt someone else you care about.... the easy way is never an option.
Especially if you're an honorable person. :(
Sometimes its never good to be the responsible one. Keep up the Fantastic work Darc!
I'll try. Thank you!
HEX the Dark
All for Queen and Country. Sometimes the line of duty sucks...
Majorly. :(