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Issue 16 - Page 03

Meet Gillian, local changeling and storyteller. And Scotty, the resident scamp.

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Changlings have a sinister reputation in most fairy-tales,being closely tied to child abduction. I'm guessing the term also applies to the "human"(mundane?) children who are abducted. You would think that anyone raised by the Fae would be seriously messed up, but Tam Lin was also Fae-Raised, and he turned out alright.
I always thought of a Changeling as the creature left when a Fae stole a child from it's crib.. It's always bargains with the Fae, this for that, just taking a child would disrupt the balance (and spoil additional amusement for the Fae). However, I suppose the term works just as easily both ways, for the creature left, and the child taken.
You got it. :D It's both the creature left behind and the mortal stolen away - at least that's how we're using it here. The term also has another meaning in the CN:H world, mortals who have been in the fey realm for a long period of time start to become more fey-like. They may gain a bit of magic, a new talent, or some interesting coloring - like Gillian's hair. It usually takes about a hundred years or so for small changes to start happening.
Actually that's an interesting thought. It makes it sound like beings go into a state of flux in that realm and they can't return until they stabilize. Also it sounds like a very, very long process.
Gillian seems like a sweet and caring being. considering how often we see magical creatures and the big part the Fae court played recently, it sometimes is hard to remember that their are a few kind(if a little strange) members of the magically inclined creatures.
She is. Most of the fey we've seen so far have been the big court players. They're a lot more ruthless and see others, even fellow fey, as objects to use in their pursuit of more power. The non-court players are more likely to interact well with mortals. There may be some ruffled feathers due to cultural differences and loyalty to courts, but they can get along well enough. Like the guards at Treaty Night. They got along with RCSI members, even commiserated about how boring the evening was. :D
It certainly didn't stay boring though for Hunter and the Prince.
Considering what happened to Hunter and that other Agent, maybe keeping things boring when it comes to the Fey court isn't such a good idea. XD
Do human (well, ykwim) children "grow up" in Fairy, or do they stay children forever?
They do not age normally, no. :( So, Scotty and the other kids will remain children forever. But, a powerful fey can age a mortal using magic. Gillian was a child when she was brought into the fey realm. Somewhere along the line, a fey decided that she'd be more useful as an adult, and aged her up. It's kind of like having twenty years of your life pass by in an instant.
Dear lord, the puberty must be horrid. It's almost unbearable to take one day at a time; if all condensed into a single moment, it could drive someone mad. 8( All kidding aside, just because someone looks like an adult doesnft mean they THINK like one, and being a child for so long can easily derail your natural mental development. Ifm not trying to poke holes in your story; Ifm just praising Gillian for how well-adjusted she seems.
Puberty all at once... Now all I can think of are those 'Katie Ka-Boom' shorts that used to be on 'Animaniacs'. :D
Darls Chickens
That's got to make romance an absolute minefield. That attractive 22-year-old may have been born 136 years ago, but she's still a minor. Best to not get involved with anyone.
HEX the Dark
One would think, Max had better things to do while being in the realm then listening to stories...
Max is stuck waiting for the recon team to return, with orders from Roderick to remain in the camp. Roderick went off to handle something that he doesn't want Max to know about. And, Max is probably getting pretty hungry at this point. So, a history lesson disguised as a story is probably his best bet. :)
HEX the Dark
Next courses at RCSI HQ - time management: your friendly helper. XD
Would home-realm food still be edible in the Fae realm? If so, why couldn't Max have brought some with him? Dehydrated foods would be especially useful for long-term recon [assuming the RCSI needs home-realm agents to go on Fae realm recon missions despite the number of agents already there. They probably don't.]
Godel Fishbreath
Not only hungry, but sleepy.
My question now is "what happens to children born inside the Fae?" I'd actually thought Gillian was colored that way because she was born inside the Fae-realm. Interesting to see she's actually a very old Changeling. Makes me wonder what some of the other taken can do.
Happy Birthday Darc!
Iron Ed
Good job making the kids look!
Come on people... less than $350 to go! there are enough readers that if everyone just donated a dollar, we can get the thee updates... don't know about you, but that's worth it to me :)
Scotty K.
Ha! Scotty sounds like me when I was like 5. That's so funny! Did you happen to get the inspiration for him from a certain fan Darc? Hmmmmm? *raises one eye brow*
Scotty K.
And by the way Darc, sorry I haven't been attending the live streams or keeping up with CN:H. Things in my house have been kinda hectic with moving and all. But I promis that I'll be at next week's live stream! Mark my words!