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Issue 16 - Page 02

It's a new week, which means more CN:H! A big shout out to Kittiara whose image of the Wild Hunt was a large inspiration for the guys in the third panel! This is also the last week to send in a picture of your drawing / creative area for the giveaway. All entries must be in by June 10th.

In other news, my cintiq is on its last legs. Since I rely on the cintiq to create CN:H, I thought we'd do a donation drive to help fund a replacement. So, all of you who've been hungry for more CN:H per week, now's your chance! Two updates a week, three updates a week, and two short side stories are up on the table. All donations go towards the replacement cost.

If you enjoy CN:H, please help a gal out. Can't donate? Then please help spread the word - not just about the donation drive, but CN:H as well. I'd really appreciate it.

Matt and I will be out of town for the week, so we'll catch up with everyone when we return. Thanks guys!

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Hi guys, sorry for the broken comments, apparently we had some issues with the site just before the update and it broke the form. Everything has been fixed, so feel free to talk again!
Is that the Knockelavee?! The creature from the original Orcadian folklore was nasty enough, but you've somehow managed to make him even more terrifying. Remembering to redesign his human portion as an animal was a brilliant touch as well. Question; is the Knockelavee in your comic rampaging on behalf of the Fae courts, or is he razing towns just for his own amusement? (it would certainly be his M.O.)
Nope, as the comment text above says, it's the Wild Hunt. Fortunately for the people in the Village of Chinle the Knocklelavee is limited to the Orkneys. Tho being dragged off into Faerie by the Wild Hunt may be worse than simply being murdered by a psychotic Winter Fey..
Oli King
The Erlking, traditionally the king of the Goblins and a member of the Winter court, leads the Wild Hunt. Not sure if that's the name Matt and Darc are using for him here.
awesome artistry.
Thank you! *blush*
*majiks some balloons to celebrate*
Wow. Cool art. Does the name knockelavee come from Germany?, cause there was a shapeshifter in Grimm whose name sounded just like that?
The Knockelavee is from the Orkneys; an archipelago off the northern tip of Scotland. You are right about the name sounding German though. Knockelavee is derived from Nokk (Kelpie) which is itself a corruption of “Necks” (Nix/Nixe/Nyx); shape-shifting water spirits in German folklore.
Imre Bellic
Awesome response to the fund drive Darcy - I guess we will be seeing a lot more of you. Now about that Swim Suit issue...