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Issue 14 - Page 23

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She put a hex' on him. ;)
*laughs* It's the rhombuses you have to watch out for. ;D
Well done, indeed. :-)
Woohoo, thank you!
Changing Stars
I gotta say, I've been reading this for years now, and I keep being more and more impressed. Thank you for your work, your story, and your absolutely stunning art!
*blush* Thank you for reading and sticking with me! :D
I notice the seal on the magic disruptor. Obviously they get supplies from back home. Though it is interesting to think they actively ran down Hunter. The details drawn into the page are also nice.
Oh yeah, they get regular shipments in of certain supplies and information. And magazines. Jinx is going to be disappointed that Max doesn't have the last few months of her favorite magazines with him.
LMAO! Give me the crow bar and I'll show you how mortal I am.
*pa-TWANG* "Do you think I'm mortal now? No?" *pa-TWANG* "How about now?" :D
Arcane Howitzer
It is very possible that we just met the Faerie Resistance!
They need their own theme song. :D
eric bloedow
lol, this is sort of the opposite of what i was expecting-a fey using a glamor to trick Hunter!