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OW! That's gotta hurt!
I winced. I have done that before, and it was a much smaller branch.
This is why you always duck down every time your horse jumps.
Yes leaning into the horse's neck is always advised when jumping obstructions. So Hunter is jumping at shadows...although considering where he is, I would be jumping at shadows too.
I feel the guys pain. I've done the same thing except on a bicycle.
Frith Ra
Heck, I've done that in my kitchen. & fell off a horse for doing that too. I was out for most of an hour that time.
What was your horse doing in your kitchen?
Wow, that has got some ride going through the forest like that in a place like this.
Darls Chickens
Over half a day and no web reader yet is calling out "I know who that is!"..? You bet he's RCSI.
Ha, well sorry, didn't have time to comment on it this morning ^^And I don't know if it just me, but doesn't that rider look a bit like Roderick?
So a man on a horse walks into a bar....
Sounds like an Old Spice commercial...