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Issue 14 - Page 14

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Carl Foxmarten
Yeah, Max sure doesn't look happy about what he's about to do...
SSG Snuffy
I thought falcons were kept in mews and horses in stables...
Iron Ed
Apparently "mews" can be used for both. For horses it's a narrow street or alley with stables along each side. Something as big as the royal horse-barn could easily be considered a "mews" all by itself! :-)
It's actually called the Royal Mews. I didn't make it up -
eric bloedow
it just occurred to me: what if a different Fae PRETENDED to be Hunter's contact to lure him into a trap-or at least keep him going in circles until it's too late for him to leave? he'd better have some way to verify...
I love Hunter's expression in the last panel. "Ah, this is going to suck."
And won't everyone be really p**sed off if after he leaves, they find she just left to go shag that reporter.