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Issue 14 - Page 03

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The queen sounds a bit miffed.
Karin Klug-Lais
"Miffed(?)" that is like saying Hiroshima was caused by someone smoking in bed!!!!
I won't swear to this, but it looks like Hunter is going to get some royal @$$-chewing pretty soon...
Better to have the queen rip a new one than to have the old one ripped daily in service to the fae...
Right now Hunter is thinking about a rolled up news paper and is not sure why.
Iron Ed
That's funny! :-)
Yes teh Queen is not amused... (Y_-)
I think the queen is most definitely NOT amused, but I don't think Hunter will get a thorough arse-chewing because he DID save the young prince's bacon.
Queen: Well, now that that's over... Hunter? Would you kindly tell me what the SMEG just happen?!"