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Issue 13 - Page 06

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Oh crap. Ohcrapohcrap. Man, you guys are fanastic at storytelling and suspense!!
STupid stupid STUPID! Ack!
Um... wouldn't, um... I mean, this is just me asking, but wouldn't all personnel AT the event know exactly WHY they shouldn't take off their collars?
I'm guessing there was a glamour involved.
Never underestimate the likelihood of people to do really dumb things when you've got a lot of them together. The more folks you have in one place, the more likely that somebody in that group is going to make a very bad move. Especially when you've got Fey around, with their cunning and supernatural powers.
... whats the CN:H equivalent term for a red shirt cause i think we just saw one
ouch. one should never drop ones guard at a political meeting.
And THAT'S why don't make nice with fey without practicing a ludicrous amount of caution. Betcha she even put itching powder or something into the collar herself.
Or it was doing its thing with the magic and that made it uncomfortable in the first place.
Oh yeah, she's in trouble. The easiest option here is to make the girl draw her sword and attack, thus breaking the treaty. They can't call "UNFAIR" because she took her collar off of her own free will.
C. Mage
It's amazing. There must be a glamour involved or some sort of compelling magic whenever I see any of the fey speak. Every single time I see one of them talk, I feel this overwhelming urge to punch the ever-loving CRAP out of them...
Someone just pulled off an evil Jedi Mind Trick.
Wouldn't that make it a Sith mind trick?
Prediction: Next page the Fay uses some sort of glamour or illusion to make the agent think she's under attack, and break the treaty, causing all hell to break loose and put everybody and their mum in danger. Then, while Hunter is still trying to get the prince to safety, Gavin comes and begins to attack. Prediction for page after: Hunter demands why Gavin is breaking the treaty and Gavin explains to a horrified Hunter that there is no more treaty.
Either that or we found the abductee for this year's meeting.
When one was a "Subscriber" until the end, one knows how this plays out. :=3 And I'm not saying if anyone is right or wrong. :=3
Scotty K
see, its stuff like this that make me wounder where the RCSI finds some of these people. it doesn't matter if it is uncomfortable, you still have to wear it.
The larger the gathering of people in one place, the probability of stupid happening goes up exponentially. Can't say I'm surprised really.