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omg i love your comic!!
me too! i'm reading it backwards...i should probably start at the beginning.
I still think it's unfair that he has to pay for that sword.
It's not mass produced like an assault rifle would be; swords forged by hand take a long time to make and don't benefit from economies of scale. The penalty for breaking the sword is less for punishment and more to encourage agents to take care of their equipment. RCSI, after all, doesn't have a Q Branch. Although they SHOULD.
Hera Ledro
Let's also not forget that the swords must be made of iron. Perhaps not pure iron - considering that steel is an iron alloy there's a chance that steel would also work - but nonetheless a very specific type of metal. Or at least that's how I interpreted it.
Tending a pure iron or even nickel-iron sword sounds nightmarish. Rusts really easily unless kept impeccably clean and/or oiled.
Pure iron is the only metal which can harm fey, but I don't think it's necessary to channel magic away from an agent. And even then, agents going against fey would be more likely to use iron-tipped crossbow bolts or iron jacketed bullets than a pure iron sword (especially since those can be more easily mass produced and carried around), or something small like an iron knife or pair of iron knuckles. Or an iron-rimmed guitar if you are retired Agent McGraw, AKA "El Kabong."
Well, Q's last name is Boothroyd, as is the head of RCSI. Plus, they both have Moneypennys working for them, and I see this Moneypenny here has an uncle Alfred who she needs to call. Hold on, I need to wrap my head around a universe where James Bond and Batman might both exist, especially when Danger Mouse already does. The potential for plot macguffin gadgets alone is mind-boggling.
No, wait, Bond had Moneypenny, not Pennyworth. This is why I shouldn't comment on things at 4:30 in the morning. The Boothroyd point stands, though! At any rate, new reader (finally), like what I see, looking forward to more. Keep it up!
Hera Ledro
I love Mrs Pennyworth. Would I be wrong in assuming that she (and her desk notes and unicorn) is an Author Avatar? Also, who's her husband? ...Aside from just being "Mr Pennyworth".
I went back thru the archives to find when Darc drew herself reacting to how long it would take to finish the comic something something BECAUSE I thought there was a similarity. That said, I'm pretty sure such similarity is coincidental. And I mean that seriously and unironically.
Yep, purely coincidental. I'm not a very girly girl, so there aren't many hairstyles that I'm familiar with. It's something that's on my list of things to work on improving with the art. I used the image of Pennyworth as an icon on the forum because the page was just finished when the forum was started and I was happy with how she had turned out. Unfortunately, aside from little chibi human me freaking out, I don't have an avatar.