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I like the ears...
Thank you. :D
Just nuke 'em after retrieving their people :)
All I'm seeing now is glowing dog-people. :D
Nukes aren't very effective against small island targets. Not to mention one would not be able to ensure that the detonator would work properly in the magic rich environment
Love Hunter's expression, but Moraine's last expression is easily the better of the two: very no-nonsense. Still feel bad for CB; he looks so tired and, dare I say, scared. That man deserves a vacation after he's done with all this.
Thanks. Yeah, hopefully it's not a permanent vacation. O.O;
Suspiciously specific spoiler self-restraint, si? ;D Once my paycheck (measly as it is) comes in, methinks I'll be upgrading to supporter. You've hooked me better than a spring bass Q.Q
Eh, but he's the least likely to get one right now. ;)
Moraine frightens me.... >_>
ummmm is this an old page....can't help but notice the archive says 2011/06/27 but the page says copyright 2010? Kitteh are confuzzled
Hi Asuna, Yes, the archive is for last Monday, but the copyright is 2010. If you look at the text block below the news...
Copyright dates reflect when a page was completed, not when it first went online.
Hunter runs two sets of archives. Our Supporters area is well into Issue 13 (Page 13 to be exact), which won't appear here till sometime in November of 2012.
Thought as much ^_^ still love the comic though!
Thanks. :D Yeah, the Supporters area is how we pay for the server, the equipment to make the comic, and fund other projects. So, it serves a purpose. It also makes for a great buffer for the Main side here. We'll be increasing updates to two a week starting in August. So pages will start to show up a bit faster soon. Which means, I need to get further ahead. :)
HEX the Dark
Come to us... Cohome tooo uusssssss...
heh it'll be a few weeks before i can buy more books i have breaking the seal and you books up to 9 i believe. love your work Darc
Thank you! I'm trying to work on getting better, but it takes time. Maybe one of these days I'll have this comic thing figured out. :D