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Issue 3 - Page 10

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Comments [16]:

As someone with wavy, fly-away hair, it's little touches like loose strands coming out of Catherine's 'do that make me appreciate the dedication to your art and story even more.
And those friends include the Queen Mum and the Princess!
It shows that the Queen takes her job of loyalty to her subjects VERY seriously. If you are loyal to the Crown you will find that loyalty returned tenfold!
Clever Queen. Fredrick will trip himself up and find he's out on the Dole. Then Robert is back at his vocation of service to the crown.
Iron Ed
I love that the Queen specifically says that she doesn't expect it to take long! :-)
Very nice page. The queen probably doesn't want Fredrick to commit a fireble offense but leave him toxic to the media. Though during this time frame the Royal family has little more influence with the media than today
She wants him fired and toxic. As well as undesirable by any who employ servants.
Just fired from the Palace will ruin any future placement. It's being toxic thats more of a challenge
KC Jones.II
And Catherine's gambit plays on. Frederick's employment days are numbered. Play on your majesty, play on.
I wonder if this displacement is what will land him with Rcsi.
I think what lands him with RCSI has already happened
Robert has already sworn the oath (even though it hasn't been formalized yet)
I suspect that Reggie and Bertie will have a houseguest for a while.
whooh, that cleared that up. I wasn't exactly clear on her complete reasons and plan for doing this. A few made a few suggestions and one even made a point that sounded completely reasonable to me. But I still wasn't sure about this. This ties it all up nicely. Now to see if it will pan out.
Iron Ed
I love the Queen Mum! Lonngg live the Queen Mum!! :-)
Here! Here! Good monarchs are very hard to find!